During my first semester at NYU, I discovered who I am truly meant to be. My first priority has always been to do well in my classes, which is why my first semester was mainly spent leading study groups and focusing on my academics. After initially pursing studies in Nutrition, I have now realized that my heart is really in education. I look back fondly on my years at Essex Street Academy, sure of the power on individualized attention and creative approaches to learning. I want to dedicate my life to the growth and development of children, which I will do as a French Teacher. I have always had a love of languages and I strongly believe that a global perspective is essential to students learning. Since my major change, I have never stopped asking questions and initiating animated conversations in my classrooms. As result of my hard work and dedication, I have been admitted into NYU’s Dean’s Global Honors Program. This spring break I will travel with my Education Policy class to London, where my class will observe the English education system in both metropolitan and rural settings. I feel called to teach and I am in training so that I might become a transformative force for future students, as Nicole Scott was for so many.